Digital black & white prints developed in a digital photo booth will never compare to black & white photos developed from our photo booths, which have the depth of clarity, or make you look so good, especially when you've had a few to drink! Digital booth prints do not have the same feel.


We don't profess to have 'duplicated the charm and nostalgia of the original photo booths'...we ARE the original charm and nostalgia of the black & white photo booths. This makes us completely unique so we understand you might have some questions, here are the ones we get asked the most...

Absolutely not! Although our photo booths are original inside and out, they have been meticulously restored and maintained, to the point where they are practically brand new. Well looked after mechanical parts are more reliable than computers! Also, don't forget there is always a Booth Buddy - a photo booth specialist on hand to keep things running smoothly.

Negative! We use our own secret developing formula and only the highest quality photographic paper. We guarantee our photos to never fade, discolour or peel. Photos from when our photo booths first arrived in Australia still look like they were taken yesterday. You can see some of the original photos on the front panel of our photo booths as proof!

As guests enter the photo booth they are handed a token by the Booth Buddy.. All they do is drop the token into the coin slot, this activates the camera which flashes 4 times. Your photos will then go through the photographic developing process and then drop out of the slot on the outside of the photo booth in a couple of minutes. We don't run out of tokens or film or developing fluids so the nostalgic fun never stops.

We can get in to most venues - even up and down stairs! When you make your enquiry, we will confirm absolutely whether we can access your venue, and are always happy to inspect the premises (at no extra cost), just to make sure everything will be sorted in good time for your event.